About Us


The Wisdom Tree symbolizes the emergence and spread of knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance.  The motto of the school is to highlight the values of Indian Culture, to face the challenges boldly and to change the environment around them.


  • Our vision is High Quality Holistic Education for Personal Excellence of Each Student.
  • The mission of the school is to provide
  • Nationally best, internationally comparable quality of education. 
  • Holistic Physical Education for development of both inner and the outer strength. 
  • Education for emotional intelligence, cultivate higher human values that stand guarantee as a member of the society.
  • An equal opportunity by school for drawing out the best in each student.


  • The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi
  • The school is affiliated to National Bal Bhavan, Ministry of H.R.D., Govt. of India, New Delhi

Our Salient Features 

  • English Medium & Co-Educational
  • Good Teacher Student ratio
  • Well qualified, experienced, & dynamic teaching faculty.
  • Library is the nerve centre of any school. A well-Stocked library with approx.4000 books of different titles & subtitles.
  • A well-equipped Computer Lab and Audio-Visual teaching learning process for all the classes.
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Labs are modern, well-furnished and equipped with the latest facilities and apparatus providing ample opportunities to students to do research and work on projects.
  • Leadership Camps, Visits and Excursions organized regularly as an educational project and also to bring children close to nature and to inculcate pride for our heritage.
  • The school provides Transport facility from designated points for commuting to the school. 
  • Interactive Assembly to develop mass communication skills.

Academic Ladder

The school recognizes every child as an active and competent individual who has to explore his/her potential through various stages of growing up. 

  • Pre-Primary – At this level the teaching learning process is child-cantered. We follow a well framed week wise syllabus/ activities for working days as well as holidays. Teaching is through the play way method, learning by doing and hands on experience. The approach is activity based which includes dramatization, singing, dancing, clay modelling, yoga/karate, public speaking, origami, computer education, experiments, excursions and many more which are well integrated in the curriculum. 
  • Primary – The multifaceted approach to academics help the development of appropriate competence and the attitude of students. Emphasis is laid on developing imagination and creativity by initiating the child gradually into the mechanics of reading, expressing and building up the vocabulary. Learning by doing, observing and then drawing conclusion helps the child to have a scientific bend of mind.
  • Middle – At this stage, the teacher plays the role of a facilitator taking care that the learning is based on experiences and thus focusing on the holistic development of the child.
  • Secondary & Senior Secondary – It is a very important and crucial stage where we guide and help the child to prepare for the competitive world. The focus is to consolidate their knowledge, give opportunities to determine their future and thus ensuring the realization of our vision and mission. Opportunity is given to each and every child to instil in them the essence of leadership.  At Senior Secondary level a wide range of subject combinations is offeredA child can opt for Science (Medical, Non-Medical) or Commerce.

Aadharshila Bal Bhavan

Our mission is to provide opportunities to children for enhancing their creativity through a spectrum of activities imparted by non-formal methodology in the areas of Creative Art, Creative Writing, Creative performance, Physical Education, Scientific Innovations & Home Management.

The vision of the Bal Bhavan is to develop creative thinking among children through non-formal educational activities which will inculcate in them confidence, self-reliance, a secular attitude and love for values that, in turn, will enrich our nation and make it strong. The center of all activities is ‘the child’, all the needs are child-oriented, all the deeds specified. Neither syllabus based education, nor heavy book load .We take out the hidden creativity of a child and show the path. The students & teachers of Aadharshila attend competitions, camps and training programmes organized by National Bal Bhavan at New Delhi and get exposure at National/ International level.



  • Registration Form
  • Passport size photograph of the child
  •  For admission to Nursery class, the minimum age should be 3+ as on 1st April, for the academic year.
  • Attested Photocopy of Municipal Birth Certificate & Immunization/Medical Card for admission in Nursery/KG
  • Original Transfer Certificate & Report card of last examination for admission in class I onwards. 

Important: Donations are not accepted & admission is open to all children irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


  • To know about the school, read the School Almanac thoroughly.
  • Parents are expected to visit the school on ‘Parent Teacher Meetings’ as per the schedule.
  • All Saturdays are off for Nursery & KG classes.